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Individuals and professionals that spend time and resources getting trained in LSS, need to get their Lean Six Sigma certification in the corresponding level or belt to demonstrate compliance and their capabilities.

For this, it is necessary to go through an exam for the belt certification you want to obtain. Before even thinking about getting certified—whatsoever—, it is necessary to consider how you will take your training and in what belt in specific you will take it.

LSS Arkansas-Lean Six Sigma Certification

The Lean Six Sigma methodology has 3 main levels of expertise where the professional certified will meet different roles, functions, and have specific knowledge for its implementation.

  • Yellow belt: the expert understands basic Lean Six Sigma terminology, its structure, and how it works to help improve processes.
  • Green belt: the professional is able to implement and start Lean Six Sigma projects thanks to the expertise and full understanding of the principles and objectives of the methodology.
  • Black belt: the person has more advanced skills in LSS and is able to be the team or project leader to guarantee the implementation is going smoothly and achieving the desired results with it.

Getting certified in one of these belts means you can handle the roles and responsibilities that come with it. And demonstrate your ability to contribute to the company implementing Lean Six Sigma to achieve the main objectives: improve processes, reduce waste, defects, and variations, and meet customers’ requirements.

How to get Lean Six Sigma certified

If you decide to go for any of these certifications as an individual to boost your career opportunities and be valuable for any company. Or as an organization that is trying to introduce several employees to the methodology to then have them implement it, you will need to rely on an authorized third party that can provide the certifications.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Arkansas, we can provide the certification you need in any of the previous belts or levels. Yellow, green, or black belt certifications will be available as long as you have gotten trained in any—or all—of them, and pass our exam to determine if you are ready to start performing your role.

The best part about getting certified with us is that you do not have to come to our offices to take the exam. We have made sure to adjust our processes to allow companies and their employees to take an online exam within a specific period of time. And the same applies to professionals and individuals that want to obtain their certifications with us.

With this clear, there is a common question asked in our company: do you need to get trained with our experts in order to get certified? Absolutely not. You can request our Lean Six Sigma certifications without having to go through our training first.

Although we have a different method to teach everything about Lean 6 Sigma depending on the belt you want your certification and we offer this service, the final result is the same: Preparing an expert that can perform its role within the Lean Six Sigma project in a company. Therefore, if you have gone through training and only need the certification, you can let our experts know to take the exam in the one that corresponds and follow the same method: if you approve, we can certify you.

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Why is a Lean Six Sigma certification important?

Regardless of the specific belt, you get certified in, you will demonstrate your skills in working with the principles and entire Lean Six Sigma methodology. For companies, this of great value since LSS helps to identify risks, errors, defects, and problems in your processes and business overall.

Then, it focuses on eliminating them and all the waste within the company to improve processes and ensure customers’ requirements are being followed to reduce variations when obtaining a product. Getting your certification as an expert who wants to work in it will bring you many career opportunities and job offers since Lean Six Sigma experts are valuable in any business.

Your training is what will lead you to be an expert in the methodology, but the certification will enhance your credibility and help you become a specialist in problem-solving and process improvement. Now, when a company gets a Lean Six Sigma certification it means its experts are able to implement and follow the methodology and that the business is in compliance with it. This attracts more customers that are looking for a reliable and efficient company that can provide them with the desired results in a shorter timeframe.

Benefits of Six Sigma certification

For individuals, the benefits are noticeable right after you get certified:

  • Rise to managerial positions.
  • Better salary.
  • Become valuable for any company.
  • More career opportunities.
  • Handle process improvement and Lean Six Sigma implementation in your own company.
  • Gain more experience in quality management.

As for companies, they are mostly able to ensure compliance with all the principles and methodology overall. But when you think about it, for companies, the benefits lie in what they are able to achieve when implementing LSS:

  • Reduce waste.
  • Identify problems and their sources.
  • Address and solve those problems.
  • Reduce variations.
  • Focus on customers’ requirements.
  • Obtain better products and results.
  • Reduce risks.
  • Eliminate defects and errors.
  • Demonstrate your ability and capabilities to satisfy your clients.

Who can get Lean Six Sigma certified?

Anyone that goes through training and passes the exam for yellow, green, or black belt, can obtain the certification. There are no limitations when it comes to who can learn Lean 6 Sigma and use it in the future for his or her own company or as a way to open more career opportunities.

Therefore, either if you are unemployed, working on a company, starting your own business, or just want to learn something new to add value to your curriculum as a high school student or professional, you can decide to get certified in it.

Our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Arkansas will be waiting to know more about you and the certification you want to obtain in the methodology.

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