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Bringing improvement to your processes and company overall can be achieved if you consider implementing Lean Six Sigma in Rogers by hiring the right experts for it. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Arkansas, we are excited to be able to provide you with professionals with not only proper training but also experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma.

This methodology entails more work than it seems at the beginning since you not only have to follow its principles and the methods it follows to achieve the desired results. You also have to understand your company’s needs, objectives, and determine all the problems that are preventing it from improving and growing.

After all, there is something basic and crucial to know about LSS: it is a problem-solving approach to be able to improve your processes.

LSS Arkansas-Rogers-AR

However, it also includes the actions of reducing waste and defects and eliminating variations that make processes inefficient, slower, and more expensive than they should. What we will do for you is to go through your company’s needs and focus on implementing LSS with a structure that is effective and efficient for your situation.

For this, we will build a team of experts that are certified in different belt levels: yellow, green, and black. In this way, you will have a reliable and qualified team working in not only the implementation but also maintenance and improvement of the structure to continue achieving results with the methodology.

What to Expect from Our Experts?

You can expect them to handle every step, phase, and task that are related to implementing Lean Six Sigma in your company regardless of its size and type. But also, get you trained if what you are trying to achieve is to learn, understand, and be able to implement Six Sigma on your own.

Although most people in Rogers contact us to work in implementation or request our Lean Six Sigma consulting services, the truth is that we can cover more than just this. We have Lean Six Sigma certification as well as training, available for any person interested in getting introduced to this method.

And companies that are trying to have their workers trained in it can also rely on us to deliver the proper education and Lean Six Sigma course that will change everything for them and your business. Our experts will make sure to take care of every aspect and provide the specific training your workers need.

If you are an individual, we will usually start from the beginning unless you have experience and previous training in other levels of the methodology. Our Sigma training is available as an in-person or online course to make things easier and more comfortable for everyone. And our lean certifications can also be obtained in the same way.

As for implementation or consulting, we can schedule an appointment and deliver both services remotely or face-to-face depending on what you prefer and your needs. Just make sure to contact our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Arkansas and express your requirements and objectives.

In this way, we will provide you with any of the previous services or one that adjusts better to what you are looking for.

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